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Nike is the reason why people find it too, because too much emphasis in the running community boasting, rely on strong marketing to operate a number of shoes, accounting for a considerable part of the market entry beginning runners. If these consumers have been getting started in the “Getting Started” stage, may also continue to choose nike products, once their own level slightly improved, it is easy to cast aside even from the brand. In fact, from major domestic marathon, we can easily find in the whole half horse horse finish line extended stay, you will find nike running shoes than the very low percentage. Obviously, this circle is voting with their feet. In AIR MAX, for example, it is almost nike running series boast air max 90 black and white, On weight, far beyond the same type of product. 2015 newest AIR MAX even after a variety of weight loss, but still reached 12.9 oz about 365 grams of weight (US10, with code asics kinsei only 330 grams). On the buffer, almost no energy feedback, there is no suitable compression over (that is, we often say software). For flat feet, varus and valgus and other special physical condition, the more there is no corresponding help. Science and technology is already quite mature in running shoes today, air cushion can say that it is not suitable for running shoes, nike while still rely on its strong design and market operators, operating the AIR MAX series with a bang, destroyed countless people. Of course, if your needs are light show, I actually speechless. Of course, Nike has always been the main fashion, like to buy a professional Jackets will not buy as TNF. Just one example, according to Nike will not be as wide feet last type has a corresponding size shoe size like Asics, will not let customers to measure the foot, Nike mainly FMCG market.
In ASICS running shoes, for example, the product line is very clear. Support series of moderate earthquakes series and full-controlled series, corresponding to different types of arch. Top with the second top series, corresponding to different types of body weight. Shoe width from 2A to 4E, enough to accommodate a variety of foot fat feet thin. There are also various games for professional shoes, the more famous triathlon and marathon shoes tiger shoes go. But even running 5 kilometers within 10 kilometers, itself is very thin people, the difference between running shoes for influence is not so obvious. If it is regular long distance itself is big and heavy, so NIKE disadvantage is very obvious, and this is precisely the professional running shoes should have, Trusstic System ?: I generally referred to as the bridge. It is generally used resin superimposed on the foot area, to enhance the strength and toughness, improve stability. The first bridge is a plastic sheet (my NIMBUS 7 is the case) relatively thick, thin bridge now a lot more than before, completely covered by a previous form into a strip, and I feel that the strip material MIZUNO WAVE sheet of material close.

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So that the whole pair of shoes legend meant more complete, large tongue is legendary and iconic pattern above R10 redesigned – this pair of shoes can be described as classic soccer shoes will increase to a new level. It only belongs to those who really want to have it! Tiempo Legend “Touch of Gold” will be the world’s limited edition 3000 pairs. Each pair will also have the exclusive serial number. “The release of Nike air max 90 scientific and technological ingenuity series again underlines our uncompromising philosophy. Shoe fans do not have to choose between Flykint knitted fabrics and traditional leather material, they can be disposable in a pair of soccer shoes to experience the advantages of the two materials. ” Nathan VanHook Football Nike senior designer says. With advances in technology over the years, it has been infinitely close to man-made materials in the natural leather touch and have an excellent performance on the water resistance. But the traditional natural leather in touch but has inherent advantages, it is always modern technology can not match. Nike air max scientific and technological ingenuity series of soccer shoes designed to modern technology and classic material seamless integration for those who persist in natural leather “leather control” is not entangled. At the same time, if you feel that Nike had very good Flykint knitted fabric has no other bonus, then you could choose before the “Lightning Storm” series set.

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Core Tip: track and field event is the highlight of the Summer Olympics, sports shoes is the most important game of the equipment, but also enhance the role of the results outside the clothing company to act as billboards, but also to provide financial support for athletes. But some players do not want the world to see their logo on the shoes. Reference News Network August 3 US media reported that this month, the Rio Olympic Games track and field events athletes will show excellent sports talents, if you look closely, you will see a creative cover-up. At the foot of the Olympic Games a technique performances, tape, pens, elastic shoe covers, and even may have painted, which will be used to cover some of the sports shoe brand identity. According to the US “New York Times” reported on August 3, track and field event is the highlight of the Summer Olympics, sports shoes is the most important game of the equipment, but also enhance the role of the results outside the clothing company to act as billboards, but also for athletes financial support. But some players do not want the world to see their logo on the shoes, or perhaps because they wear a competitor’s brand, sponsors, asking them not to show identification. Although the United States to participate in the Rio Olympic track and field athletes wearing consistent track team official sponsor Nike sportswear, revealing familiar pigeon-mark, but they can choose their own brand sports shoes, whether or not covered. Such camouflage illustrated the value of $ 75 billion global athletic footwear industry have the kind of power, it is closely watching what the athletes wear or do not wear anything, there are lawyers on standby. The Olympic Games in the end how many athletes will cover up brand sports shoes, is not clear, but this behavior is not uncommon in the track and field events. Grounds cover almost the brand and type of sports shoes as wide.
If no athlete sneakers sponsors, they may not want to advertise free of any company, but hope that they are free players. Some athletes also cover sports shoes because they are from one company to another company. Before new shoes has not improved, continue to wear their former sponsor of shoes. Some people, like Taiwo so that they participate in sports sponsor no special shoes for wear. Some players just are not satisfied with sponsors of sports shoes. 2011 US javelin champion Mike Hazel (Mike Hazle) said that his Nike sneakers too thin, causing him to fall off toenail, feet numb. So, he said that for years he has been borrowed to another javelin thrower Asics and Chinese brand Li Ning shoes to wear. He used tape to cover the brand identity, from the wrist or cut a piece of cloth with a Nike logo, attached to these brands above. Hazel said, no one in their concern that project, which was originally not a problem until he won the national title picture appears in the “Track And Fiel News” on, this became a problem – after throwing his left foot lift since exposing the Li Ning logo on the sole. These camouflage show the particularity of the track and field events, every four years, this event during the Summer Olympics are in the spotlight.
Clothing companies, especially Nike, in this area have a great influence. They provide equipment for the athletes, so that the project be continued struggling. But if some of the competition did not meet the target, they will reduce the reward. On some events, like the Olympics, can not appear on the garment or temporary tattoo athletes competing brands.
Carl Lewis (Carl Lewis) is nine Olympic gold medalist, long sponsored by Nike. He said that the practice of covering sports shoes is “a microcosm of the real question:? Are we really to create a professional sports.”
“Why are we so dependent sports shoe company?” Lewis said. He is now an assistant coach for the University of Houston.
Some athletes said that they found the practice of covering the sponsor logo rude and unprofessional.
“If they are out of money, we should at least respect their money,” American 200 meters sprinter Wallace Speelman (Wallace Spearmon) said. He had received the Nike sponsorship.

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Nike Fall 2015 product line in their four football boots product line, using ink abnormal eye-catching way, brought us a new “electro-optical flint” series of color soccer shoes. In the upper and heel swaying electro-optical yellow spots, will be used in all dark Nike shoe nike air max 90, Mercurial , Tiempo V, as well as the appearance of Hypervenom Phantom II is designed to unify, football shoes on the court joined the more unique visual experience. As always, Nike introduced the use of low to help design the Nike nike air max 90, Magista Opus, and Hypervenom Phinish, making this color series product line more complete. Nike in the summer season, with a shining “Lightning Storm” series of color, as well as after the same dazzling “hot” color series opens a whole new season marketing campaign. Now, they are using a more low-key style, another way to capture the pitch. This series is expected to color, will accompany the players are under the Nike lineup until Christmas. Photographer from New York with a series of beautiful photos, we gave a good reason, you can while drooling admire this pair of Nike Tiempo R10 “Touch of Gold”.

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Nike 2015-16 air max 90 College football shoes series from September 22 in Europe, Nike official website planes, Nike is currently not yet announced when the series will be launched in China. Remember this spring, Nike launched an all-black suit, the suit is designed to tell those young players are still undergoing training: at a young age, do not always spend energy in those colors fancy shoes who strive to be more upgrade their skills, this is the king. So the suit shoes were all painted black, well look at talk we usually see mysterious test sneakers a fight. For Nike College trained players, here not only can receive professional football training, but also the first time to help test their new Nike sneakers. Nike College also out of a lot of professional players, they are the best students in the occasion of the graduation can get many professional club contracts. College Football series black shoes the comeback, which is focused on natural Recently heady poison air max 90. After all, the other series all-black college before the series and we have fought face to face. In fact, this whole series of toxic black Institute air max 90 and a commercial version, and there is no difference, only the color was changed, and the guarantee of unity of the whole shoe, dynamic high-top shoe collar is also painted black.

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ook at the comparison of this pair Neymar version of “air max 90” and the general version Phinishi between. Upper Normal Edition Phinish of Neymar’s teammate Adriano feet of fly line and obviously interesting structure, and Nei Maer foot “Stinger” vamp is very smooth. The new Nike air max 90FS brings classic sneakers effect through different shades of blue, but the color does not come from any large field air max 90 series. Nikeair max 90 design by the impact of the second generation of air max 90 soccer shoes, is a running shoe that is stylish and well suited for sports. Although earlier this year, Nike has launched air max 90, but the blue badge can be said that the most impressive shoe color. Technically, Nike air max 90 uses Free 3.0 outsole, but also air max 90 a number of scientific and technological performance on air max 90 shoes, not the fly line and durable lightweight mesh upper material and the like. The retail price of the upcoming air max 90 blue sports shoes for 140 euros. Nike has just released a new Lewandowski exclusive football shoes on social media Snapchat. Unique air max 90 Levante Exclusive color is amazing, the design has also been affected as helpful as Levante performance. In view of Levante and Bayern Munich in recent heroics Polish national team, he is likely to become drug-feng series of air max 90 first card players, especially after the assassin in Neymar switch camp.

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The first shoe color light gray / black and orange with eye-catching details. Endorsement of the shoe will have players Ronaldinho, Pique, Ramos and Boateng et al. Black soccer shoes Nike Tiempo Legend VI color tradition. Combines traditional soccer shoes and gold color detail, the shoe once launched will become a classic. The shoe features a black kangaroo leather upper, Nike Swoosh white flag on an inclined plane and with gold trim, and heel are white Nike Tiempo logo. Is today the world’s best players and a special Nike Tiempo Legend 6 soccer shoes using kangaroo leather upper to provide the best touch and wearing comfort. Nike shoes on the introduction of the “X-Ray” supporting skeleton, so let Nike shoe uppers to substantially remove the traces of tradition. This pair of black shoes with football is the contrasting white outsole, the outsole is designed to provide the best the whole game transitional flexibility, grip and unparalleled comfort. Nike Tiempo Legend VI new generation of soccer shoes the current retail price Nike Tiempo Legend V slightly more expensive, and will be available in January 2016. The new Nike HypervenomX Proximo Safari 2016 soccer shoes to HypervenomX Series brings bold and unique design, the shoe is about to release in February 2016.

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A new generation of soccer shoes Nike Tiempo Legacy II for the legendary series of sub-climax product also brings new design, the soccer shoe will be available in December 2015. Nike Tiempo Legend V two years ago and released the same period Nike Tiempo Legacy is the second climax Tiempo Legend series products. A new generation of Nike Tiempo Legacy II soccer shoes with Nike Tiempo Legend VI and the same upper structure. The difference is the use of a Legend VI Ultimate wearing comfort and feel super soft kangaroo leather, and the Legacy of soccer shoes using kangaroo leather is not as soft calfskin waterproof material. Of course, as a secondary product climax, the shoe is not the climax Legend VI soccer shoes with the ACC all-weather ball-handling skills. Even so, in fact, Legacy II and Legend VI on many technical details are very similar. They have used the new X-Ray support framework to replace the traditional leather foot alignment design, they are exactly the same in the end, even the two also use the same outsole design. From the exterior, Legacy II and Legend VI is almost indistinguishable.The most obvious difference is probably a word printed on ACC Legend VI and Legacy II does not, there is the sole Legend VI of the printed word and the big Tiempo Swoosh logo, and Legacy II Swoosh logo soles but only just.

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For cold winter standing proudly in the court, Nike has brought the red metal copper uppers Phantom soccer shoes with matching black and white pattern details. The shoe spikes to flash green (Green Glow). From a technical perspective, this pair of bronze Nike Hypervenom Phantom II and before the color makes no difference. In May 2015 launched the second generation Hypervenom Phantom soccer shoes with a dynamic fit to fly woven collar and mesh uppers enhanced, combined with the ACC all-weather ball control and NikeSkin, bring a variety of weather conditions Possession ultimate experience. In order to bring greater hitting area, Hypervenom Phantom II uses a system of asymmetric tie his shoe. Although very different generation and second-generation drug front in the upper, the sole difference is not large, but a more flexible use of the second generation of materials. Bronze Nike Hypevenom Phantom II soccer shoes retail for 275 dollars, and will be available from mid-December 2015 onwards.This will be under a Nike Magista Obra Tech Craft soccer shoe color is the third paragraph, which combines a black background and a layer of light gray Kangaroo leather upper, brings classic and modern effects. Shallow bone gray / black Nike Magista Obra leather version will be available in March 2016.

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he shoe combines silver, black, and Portugal iconic red, it is likely in Portugal upcoming November 13, 2015 at the international friendly match against Russia, C Ronaldo will wear Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 Quinhentos soccer shoes appearances. “Urban Lily Purple” color soccer shoes Nike Mercurial Superfly IV spy: The new “Urban Lily Purple” (Urban Lilac) color Nike Mercurial Superfly IV soccer shoes for the series brings an amazing look, new colors will be in December 2015 roll out. Nike’s player Vidal Sanchez, Rojo and others from within Debu Lao wear purple Nike Mercurial Superfly IV football shoes since December 2015. Meanwhile, Nike will also launch the same color to help low Nike Mercurial VaporX soccer shoes. To be able to stand out on the court, “urban lily purple” color Nike Mercuiral Superfly IV soccer shoes with the eye-catching metallic purple design. The Swoosh logo, outsole and dynamic fit collar was black. Sole forefoot medial and lateral heel spikes is “bright red mango” (Bright Mango) color, while the inside of the collar has the same red trim. Technically speaking, the shoe using a revolutionary dynamic fit collar and fly woven uppers provide better fit, while mid-foot fly line is a better lock. Outsole uses various types of knife nail will bring faster acceleration. The upcoming December 2015 release of “urban lily purple” color Nike Mercurial Superfly IV soccer shoes retail for 275 dollars, while the retail price of the same color to help low version of Mercurial VaporX will be $ 200.