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A new generation of soccer shoes Nike Tiempo Legacy II for the legendary series of sub-climax product also brings new design, the soccer shoe will be available in December 2015. Nike Tiempo Legend V two years ago and released the same period Nike Tiempo Legacy is the second climax Tiempo Legend series products. A new generation of Nike Tiempo Legacy II soccer shoes with Nike Tiempo Legend VI and the same upper structure. The difference is the use of a Legend VI Ultimate wearing comfort and feel super soft kangaroo leather, and the Legacy of soccer shoes using kangaroo leather is not as soft calfskin waterproof material. Of course, as a secondary product climax, the shoe is not the climax Legend VI soccer shoes with the ACC all-weather ball-handling skills. Even so, in fact, Legacy II and Legend VI on many technical details are very similar. They have used the new X-Ray support framework to replace the traditional leather foot alignment design, they are exactly the same in the end, even the two also use the same outsole design. From the exterior, Legacy II and Legend VI is almost indistinguishable.The most obvious difference is probably a word printed on ACC Legend VI and Legacy II does not, there is the sole Legend VI of the printed word and the big Tiempo Swoosh logo, and Legacy II Swoosh logo soles but only just.

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For cold winter standing proudly in the court, Nike has brought the red metal copper uppers Phantom soccer shoes with matching black and white pattern details. The shoe spikes to flash green (Green Glow). From a technical perspective, this pair of bronze Nike Hypervenom Phantom II and before the color makes no difference. In May 2015 launched the second generation Hypervenom Phantom soccer shoes with a dynamic fit to fly woven collar and mesh uppers enhanced, combined with the ACC all-weather ball control and NikeSkin, bring a variety of weather conditions Possession ultimate experience. In order to bring greater hitting area, Hypervenom Phantom II uses a system of asymmetric tie his shoe. Although very different generation and second-generation drug front in the upper, the sole difference is not large, but a more flexible use of the second generation of materials. Bronze Nike Hypevenom Phantom II soccer shoes retail for 275 dollars, and will be available from mid-December 2015 onwards.This will be under a Nike Magista Obra Tech Craft soccer shoe color is the third paragraph, which combines a black background and a layer of light gray Kangaroo leather upper, brings classic and modern effects. Shallow bone gray / black Nike Magista Obra leather version will be available in March 2016.

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he shoe combines silver, black, and Portugal iconic red, it is likely in Portugal upcoming November 13, 2015 at the international friendly match against Russia, C Ronaldo will wear Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 Quinhentos soccer shoes appearances. “Urban Lily Purple” color soccer shoes Nike Mercurial Superfly IV spy: The new “Urban Lily Purple” (Urban Lilac) color Nike Mercurial Superfly IV soccer shoes for the series brings an amazing look, new colors will be in December 2015 roll out. Nike’s player Vidal Sanchez, Rojo and others from within Debu Lao wear purple Nike Mercurial Superfly IV football shoes since December 2015. Meanwhile, Nike will also launch the same color to help low Nike Mercurial VaporX soccer shoes. To be able to stand out on the court, “urban lily purple” color Nike Mercuiral Superfly IV soccer shoes with the eye-catching metallic purple design. The Swoosh logo, outsole and dynamic fit collar was black. Sole forefoot medial and lateral heel spikes is “bright red mango” (Bright Mango) color, while the inside of the collar has the same red trim. Technically speaking, the shoe using a revolutionary dynamic fit collar and fly woven uppers provide better fit, while mid-foot fly line is a better lock. Outsole uses various types of knife nail will bring faster acceleration. The upcoming December 2015 release of “urban lily purple” color Nike Mercurial Superfly IV soccer shoes retail for 275 dollars, while the retail price of the same color to help low version of Mercurial VaporX will be $ 200.

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Technically speaking, the same shoes and Tech Craft starting color of the skin version Magista Obra. Using the latest technology, a combination of leather version Magista Obra fly woven materials, high-grade kangaroo leather ball control and foot ACC all-weather surface, for the players to provide the latest Nike football shoe technology, but also brings a unique traditional kangaroo leather It touches. “Yellow / gold” incoming tide – Nike released “Canvas Gold / volt yellow” Tech Craft SCIENCE ingenuity series of soccer shoes Nike Tech Craft morning just launched a series of scientific and technological ingenuity of the second paragraph of color, the series emphasizes the traditional leather shoes combination of surface and fly to Flyknit organizations as the representative of modern technology, the new canvas color using a combination of yellow gold and volts.
┬áNike Tech Craft series first released in August this year, the series will be three of Nike’s soccer shoes synthetic material configured Kangaroo leather upper, it also brings the same series of color as Nike Tiempo Legend V. Tech Craft series starting color in colored part of sections of soccer shoes are from Lightning Storm Lightning Storm series color, and foot are the kangaroo leather forefoot material. Technically, canvas golden Nike Tech Craft Pack and starting the same color, the brand’s three soccer shoes, Hypervenom II, Magista and Mercurial are above its original forefoot foot layer of synthetic material sewing the shoes kangaroos surface.

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Romanian president pro show Nike Free Mercurial Superfly CR7 Savage Beauty: Cristiano Ronaldo on Twitter yesterday in a big show of their own Nike Free Mercurial Superfly CR7 Savage Beauty sneakers. The shoes are available today. The end of October 2015, Nike launched the Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 Savage Beauty soccer shoes. The shoe design inspired by volcanic lava, players will lead to higher retention rates in the field. And? Free Mercurial Superfly CR7 Savage Beauty sneakers is a combination of classic black and purple fly woven uppers, while dynamic fit red Swoosh logo on the collar. But the pattern uppers Swoosh logo on the front is the place to highlight their identity. And Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 Savage Beauty soccer shoes similar, Nike Free Mercurial SUperfly CR7 Savage Beauty sneakers Swoosh symbol also used to magma inspired unique designs. In addition to shoe design, the other new color shoes and sports shoes Nike Free Mercurial has the same characteristics. It combines revolutionary technology and Nike Free5.0 outsole Nike Mercurial Superfly football shoes, as well as fly-woven vamp and heel TPU to provide better comfort.Nike Free Mercurial Superfly CR7 Savage Beauty sneaker was listed on November 15, 2015, and not a limited edition.

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As TF version uses small pieces of the traditional TF outsole. The new retail price of white / black / orange color soccer shoes Nike Tiempo Mystic 2016 is 85 dollars, and already on the market. Earlier Nike Tiempo Genio 2 is priced at 65 dollars, while Nike Tiempo Rio 3, compared with 45 dollars. Nike soccer shoes Dress FootballX small liquid metal clothes.Winter is Coming! Many people regard the outdoor football shifted to the interior, if you’ve played in the room, you’ll notice a good pair of indoor soccer shoes flat IC how important it is. Nike’s latest quarter color Liquid Chrome Liquid Metal has been fully struck, as its main field of small soccer shoes FootballX also conducted a comprehensive facelift. Nike advantage in the small field of soccer shoes are so many people favor their products, which also prompted Nike to put more energy into a small field of soccer shoes in development. As people become increasingly demanding, Nike, the big football field in the technology to the small soccer shoes, for the grass roots is that they can experience the large field of top technology shoes for Nike, they can by doing more to secure their leading position in the field of small equipment, do both, called a win-win!

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Nike HypervenomX Proximo Safari soccer shoes Spy Shots: New Nike HypervenomX Proximo Safari soccer shoes to HypervenomX Series brings bold and unique design, the shoe is about to the end of December 2015.Designed for fast-paced games and small special, Nike HypervenomX Proximo indoor / street and TF version of its design is based Nike Hypervenom Phantom II soccer shoes. Nike HypervenomX Proximo Safari (Safari) soccer shoes with a unique cover the entire upper pattern, the design is what makes me think of the 2010 release of Nike Mercurial CR7 Safari soccer shoes. Nike white upper eye-catching combination of a black pattern in fluorescent green trim to achieve amazing results. The shoe’s iconic dynamic fit collar and black with green trim, but zigzag HypervenomII iconic pattern was translucent. Although the shoe painting is very unusual, but it brings the performance and before the same. Smart player designed specifically for this pair HypervenomX Proximo uses a dynamic fit collar, soft uppers and NikeSkin no tongue design. Because Safari is the exclusive color small soccer shoes, we will miss seeing a similar coating on the Nike Hypervenom Phantom II.

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This also allows Magista Obra soccer shoes to and Hypervenom Phantom II and Mercurial Superfly From a technical point of a showdown, because the latter two have already adopted this iconic Nike technology. Magista Obra new generation of soccer shoes and does not use an external heel TPU, but it features a new protective framework in the end, to provide better stability and protection. The new shoe outsole also features a new design. Generation Magista Obra using cylindrical spikes in turn lead to better flexibility, while the second generation is the use of four interesting knife nail plus 10 cylindrical spikes. In fact, the circular arrangement of four knife nail’d let us think of the outsole of the Nike Mercurial Superfly’s speed-type shoes. Although the spy has revealed to us the technical characteristics of new shoes, but the black color is not a second generation Magista Obra starting color. It is said that the starting color for eye-catching volt yellow / black / full orange / pink combination impact. Magista Obra II soccer shoes sells a new generation is estimated to be unchanged from the previous generation, is 275 dollars.

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Soccer Life is not just limited to ninety minutes on the court, on the way from home to the stadium is the key to Nike Zoom Mercurial Flyknit provides the best option. Nike Zoom Mercurial Flyknit all white color will be officially released June 23. Pure platinum color Nike Hypervenom Phinish soccer shoes: Nike started the new season to prepare a low-key color of Hypervwenom soccer shoes. Combined with light gray background and gray, black and blue green detail, this Pure Platinum Pure Platinum Nike Hypervenom Phinish color soccer shoes will be available in August. Light gray in color of Hypervenom Phinish soccer shoes combined with a low-key primary colors and eye-catching blue-green details and shape of the iconic pattern used is dark gray with a black dot matrix design. At the tongue and lining was gray. Technically, Nike Hypervenom Phinish using a tongue-free design, and the use of ultra-thin NikeSkin upper honeycomb structure to reduce the adaptation period and the provision of more flexible touch. Hypervenom Phinish cylindrical spikes used to provide better steering flexibility, in fact, change the shoe outsole and ultra top Hypervenom Phantom II soccer shoes the same.Pure Platinum Nike Hypervenom Phinish soccer shoes coming in August 2016 launch, will retail for $ 200.

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To this end, in 2016, Nike will also be packaged in its own right Neymar headed star, and gradually to replace the current use within small headed figures, Cristiano Ronaldo. The hope in the autumn sports shoes market will be the first element has a football Air Jordan, and Nike to design this shoe, it is Base Li’s Brazilian star. Nike has relied Neymar series of promotional activities in the Nike F.C., but this time, in the less will harvest their own exclusive color outside the stadium. But all too early, there is no spy outflow. Although no map no truth, but inside looked small and trapeze arms around harmonious effort, estimated that within a few exclusive Jordan shoes, not groundless, let us wait and see the fall of 2016 to give come. Nike Post Free Hypervenom II olive green: Nike Free Hypervenom II launched a clean soil color combinations to bid farewell to the 2015 victor. See you next year.Nike Free Hypervenom II to the sleek design of the olive bid farewell to 2015. Followed by “brilliant purple” and “dark gray” color, etc. after the launch of the latest seasonal “olive green” and “ivory black” color, and equipped with white dots decorated Free3.0 midsole.