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To this end, in 2016, Nike will also be packaged in its own right Neymar headed star, and gradually to replace the current use within small headed figures, Cristiano Ronaldo. The hope in the autumn sports shoes market will be the first element has a football Air Jordan, and Nike to design this shoe, it is Base Li’s Brazilian star. Nike has relied Neymar series of promotional activities in the Nike F.C., but this time, in the less will harvest their own exclusive color outside the stadium. But all too early, there is no spy outflow. Although no map no truth, but inside looked small and trapeze arms around harmonious effort, estimated that within a few exclusive Jordan shoes, not groundless, let us wait and see the fall of 2016 to give come. Nike Post Free Hypervenom II olive green: Nike Free Hypervenom II launched a clean soil color combinations to bid farewell to the 2015 victor. See you next year.Nike Free Hypervenom II to the sleek design of the olive bid farewell to 2015. Followed by “brilliant purple” and “dark gray” color, etc. after the launch of the latest seasonal “olive green” and “ivory black” color, and equipped with white dots decorated Free3.0 midsole.

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With the K-L artificial kangaroo leather, ACC all-weather ball-handling skills and Nike Magista Opus honeycomb mesh structure is designed to help players in the field more flexible control of the game. Neymar personal and exclusive soccer shoes on sale around the corner, many netizens also the first time gives the New Arrivals photos. Of course, retailers are in the United States and Canada. The shoes, called Nike Hypervenom “Ousadia Alegria”, this exclusive Neymar soccer shoes will be available at all levels of products, from ultra-top Hypervenom Phantom II to top Hypervenom Phinish and Phelon II, there have been even the color of the series FootballX . These soccer shoes vamp has a unique pattern, by the Brazilian artist Bruno Beagle design and represent a style of football Neymar. Black and white bicolor with eye-catching red details, but Neymar logo appears on the inside of the heel. Of course, the official release date is scheduled for January 31, 2016, so long as you patiently wait a few days and then you can start with new shoes.From Jérôme Boateng to David Lewis, it is difficult to find in the trend on the court and has the same good players. This carries also have deep feelings of nostalgia for all the shoes .

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In general, the best players will be subject to Sponsor’s love, will provide customized boots to service their needs, which makes the players foot boots and we ordinary people have purchased a commercial version many differences. Today, our eyes locked in Harry Kane Tottenham fried chicken feet to see his feet poison Feng II Boots What is special! We all know that drug money to help low-top Feng II using the tongue, upper integrated design, this structure is designed to provide a more flat hitting surface, but also a greater emphasis on the upper integrity. However, this design can be a lot of bitter pit and a large wide high instep feet are, after all, not everyone’s feet can easily hold live this integration tongue. However, a recent photograph of the image above and below the figure of commercially available standard version comparison, we found that Harry Kane actually did not use integrated tongue design, he continued to follow the front poison generation asymmetric independent tongue. Is Kane is also a high instep? Or professional players Integration tongue veiled?In Black History Month atmosphere (Black History Month: the so-called Black History Month in mind is that the spread of black history to retain immigrants to Britain and other places blacks primitive culture), the soul of football have also been infected, Nike Magista Obra soccer shoes are woven on a gorgeous color, with unrivaled fashion to celebrate the joy of success.

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Now he had entered the 25 balls, I believe under an exclusive boots already on the way. Nike Tech Craft Set of Magista Obra black and white football shoes: Nike released the latest Tech Craft suit black and white color, one of the flagship products Magista Obra soccer shoes, wonderful notes it’s like two different classical and modern style collisions generated as flying in the stadium above. Designed for elite players to create Magista Obra Tech Craft products we use very classical atmosphere of the white upper bone. As a revolutionary product Tech Craft boots version available in 2014, aims to create a unique personality of soccer shoes combined with a high level of tailoring the design through the use of high-grade leather materials. Using two shades make a strong contrast Tech Craft Magista Obra more visually aggressive, rich flavor of classic bone white leather uppers like to extend the same picture on Flyknit lining, leather good ductility enhance the overall ductility of boots , more fit wearer’s foot. Nike Tech Craft Set of Hypervenom Phantom II black and white football shoes: Nike launched the Tech Craft Kit bone white / black color boots, including Hypervenom II football boots, white leather covering material on the black lining, simple yet elegant .

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If soccer version is to catch the last train of the season, then the bright colors of the women’s version is accompanied by the start of the new season launch. The name of the series in attractive word, but they are the bones out, is the amazing spirit. Nike launched Radiant Reveal “glamorous” series of soccer shoes: The dark days are over, long and bright summer coming, bringing the occasion of the spring and summer rendezvous, glorious summer Nike will throw you in front of me, bring the “glamorous” series of soccer shoes (Radiant Reveal Pack). The series spans major series of Nike soccer shoes, Nike this is about to bring in the end of the season of the new series. White upper dotted with glowing fluorescent pink, orange as well as yellow-volt, Nike assured them of its players at the end of the season draws within countries, in football you can come to the fore. Nike’s players will all dress up “glamorous” series this weekend. As always, Nike will launch full of vitality with the help of the introduction of non-high-top version of this VaporX, Magista Opus and Hypervenom Phinish new series, to ensure that all of its players are able to “charm to make out.”

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We believe that football will continue to develop, the players will become stronger, faster and faster, so our goal is not just to keep up with the trend, but also to lead the trend, to promote the progress of football. Nike Mercurial technology in the development of’ll have much space? “I personally strongly believe that such legislation does not break outsole 3D printing is a good example of the original do not need to make such a significant change in the outsole -!. After all, our consumers have got used to the carbon fiber outsole, the technology has matured, but we firmly believe that we can more better fit the foot sole shape to do by creating. we are also convinced that the sole plate is better to fit the curve of the foot soles to more energy. we carbon fiber also know that we can not meet the design requirements, so we have adopted different solutions. in this case, we will take the initiative to make the currently effective program of subversion, in order to obtain a better future. in so doing, we actually worry risks, and it is starting to do so and the players communicate. I think that our team designed a new product already proved to be very successful. “

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So shining luxury style soccer shoes, will occupy the focus of the audience. This is a pair of soccer shoes full of unique style, even if no one put it, it is not a lack of confidence in ourselves and characteristics. In the high speed of the attack, it was overwhelming energy outsole flashing and eye-catching collar in a glance. Flyknit uppers made material, while brio be reinforced through a unique cable (flight line). This feet and shoes outside the complex mix of it from the inside exudes power. This feet shoes continue to subvert the traditional definition, create a new field, it is a beautiful representative of flaming football. Nike launched Hypervenom II “glamorous” soccer shoes “glamorous” series of soccer shoes is the latest sound from the Nike headquarters, is also a big hook for its players at the end of the season to prepare new equipment. The entire series are white as a vamp, but Hypervenom II soccer shoes white uppers became the sole emission from all the colors of the stage show. Iconic “and” zigzag pattern from the sole emission from dark purple gradient at the toe to the heel of yellow volts, if a little white shoe sitting serious danger, then the “s” shaped pattern until the color of the sole surge is undoubtedly a great Party.

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This outsole feet Buckley has also been customized shoes, at first glance appears to be the sole Tiempo Legend VI, but very much like the outsole has been discontinued Total 90 Laser IV’s. In any case, new shoes Barkley seems to presage the return of the upper front poison generation is already a certainty. Nike This unusual move, it is good advice? Or more of an upset? With soil goodbye Nike Anti-Clog Traction Technical Description: beautiful sport is often not carried out under favorable conditions. Mud is the common enemy of all athletes, it will stick to the studs, shoes increased weight, thereby affecting the foot of the athlete to play. “Mud issues are often raised, but always seems to be widely accepted. Athletes are accustomed to after the game by hitting each other or the two shoes with a stiff brush to get rid of the mud on the shoes. Worse, when soil so that their footsteps restricted grip hampered their movements will be slow and careful, “vice president of Nike soccer footwear Max Blau said.”Nike football athletes are focused on making the game faster under any conditions, so we are committed to the athletes to solve this problem.”

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This combination of black feet shoes at the heel and instep weave fly colorful design combining unique design of this kind of shoes shows the famous fly woven uppers in a future of unlimited possibilities. This pair of shoes like Swoosh logo on white, from the technical point of view this kind of shoes and the final version of exactly the same. Although this seems like the appearance of shoes and final version of the same, but it seems that the white soles looked rather like Superfly V initially several kind of shoes. Mercurial words in the heel was black. Preview: four new fifth generation design Nike Mercurial Superfly football shoes: Nike, after the launch of a new generation of Nike Mercurial Superfly football shoes, soccer shoes, also shows four different designs of the new Superfly. Although they will be the official release of the color, but black, blue, red, white four colors, we can see that will appear in the Nike Mercurial Superfly V NikeID of infinite possibilities. Respectively, using red, white, black and blue of the four soccer shoes Nike Mercurial Superfly V, each one is very likely to cause the players in hot pursuit. Although not officially released commercial version of the color, but they want to get it is not impossible. Specifically how to do it?

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As Mercurial Superfly CR7 second chapter street products, CR7 Free Mercurial Superfly natural color diamonds template design, reflected in the chrome diamond lace and metallic silver Nike Logo, Flyknit fly woven uppers and outsole Free 5.0 provides comfortable wearing experience . Free Mercurial series with a previously unimaginable way to create a soccer fashion sneakers, stylish and contemporary CR7 Nike FC is the latest products, crack pattern on the insole and the “well-defined C Lo,” the statement symbolizes how Ronaldo pressure under the control of the self. Valdivia show camouflage Hypervenom soccer shoes: wind speed, ruthless finishing ability, silent heart line, Valdivia is a step toward the top killer role forward, it was so he became the first temperature Wembley show Nike shoes limited edition camouflage suits soccer player. Leicester City striker story this season has been a household name, serious efforts of training and make every effort to do well is the response to it after his reputation, experts, fans, teammates and Nike are very optimistic about Valdivia, therefore, England’s 1-2 friendly defeat to the Netherlands, Nike will soon launch a new limited edition camouflage Hypervenom Phantom II football boots to the front of him, and he took only 41 minutes to achieve a goal.